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Get yourself enveloped in the treatment pampering your body.
Be relaxed…while your enveloped in the warmth of the wrap…let your skin make the most, let it get cleansed, purified & detoxified.
Black Mask Body Polishing
This Natural Black Mask derived from Canadian peat bogs is loaded with plant extracts, organic and inorganic substances and rich in humic acid and more than 380 minerals and trace elements. An ideal mask to boost your cellular metabolism, detoxify and brighten your complexion while reducing your skin's hypersensitivity.
Marine Algae Wrap
The signature body Wrap of Thalgo, the original marine algae wrap, rich in minerals, vitamins, trace elements and micro nutrients. The marine algae wrap relaxes the muscles and joints and eliminates metabolic waste.
An excellent body wrap for general well-being, total relaxation, refining the figure and breaking fatty deposits. Recommended as a prelude before all slimming and firming courses.
Pomegranate Mask
The mask is loaded with anti-oxidants and skin regenerating ingredients, this super-hydrating mask , softens, rejuvenates, and brightens skin to a glowing and youthful appearance. See, feel, and smell the difference immediately
Absolute Signature Body, Mind & Soul Envelopment
Journey begins with an exfoliant Massage to eliminate the dead cells from your body, Followed by an invigorating Aromatic Steam leaving the skin radiant and rich in Hydration.
The essence of the Signature Treatment Lies in choosing the Refreshing & Rejuvenating Masque, in accordance to the thirst of the Body leaving your mind & soul enrolled in the essence of royal treatment.
Absolute Signature Envelopment will ensure that you discover a new person within YOU, Which is now much more replenished, refreshed and intense with renewed energy. Choose from following Wrap:
  • Silky Smooth Body Wrap
  • Relaxing and Regenerating Wrap. A creamy, melting wrap made with Rice Germ Oil which nourishes and protects the skin…leaving your skin truly pampered.
  • Cotton Extract Wrap
  • Soothe your senses, lift your spirits and enjoy the intense moments of relaxation with this delicately fragrant body wrap. This gentle body wrap is rich in cotton – an important source of cellulose and Aloe Vera which has cell renewal properties. The active marine ingredients rich in red algae reduce water loss and moisturize your body perfectly.